Cascade Conversions

Cascade Conversions Video Still 01Cascade Conversions needed a new website and video. Their website was tired, old and ineffective. The video was needed to showcase their flagship campervan conversion in tradeshows and online.

Cascade have a very particular and patented way of converting VW campervans to ensure road safety standards are met without compromise on the seating and sleeping arrangements. They needed a motion graphics video appropriate to the quality of their leading conversion fitting that could be shown online and in tradeshows. Supporting the video (as this was the larger project) was a new website that reflected their clean and simple branding.

Through another collaboration between The SeedMill and South Wales Web Solutions, The SeedMill designed, produced and developed both the video and website for Cascade Conversions.

Motion Graphics Video

The video was realised through a comprehensive process involving storyboards, style frames and animation mockups prior to delivering the final and fully rendered video. 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and animation was used throughout the video. Cinema 4D was used as the in-house 3D software of choice by The SeedMill. 2D animation methods were used to display the text using After Effects prior to post producing (again in After Effects).

Supporting Website

A supporting website was designed and developed to replace the previous one for Cascade. The new website is using WordPress as a content management system, enabling practically every element of the website to be updated and amended.