Web Design, Video and Online Marketing For Businesses

Website Design and Marketing to help you:

Grow your business by attracting more of your best customers.

Grow, empower and elevate your business by:

  • Increasing clarity of your message
  • Enhancing trust, credibility and authenticity
  • Attracting more of your ideal customers
  • Improving your customer lifetime value

Strategic branding, web design and marketing based in Bridgend, South Wales

Use three primary methods to help you achieve greater profits by nurturing and growing a powerful online brand that's right for your business, generating more the right leads and increasing your lifetime customer value.

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The foundation of any distinctive brand or online presence. A digital strategy aligning your target customer needs with your business & objectives.

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A full range of design services squarely focused on UX and web design also encompassing video animation, print design and illustration.

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SEO, Content Marketing and Lead Generation, enabling your business to generate leads and engage your customers through the lens of your brand identity.

How We Have Helped Other Businesses To Grow

Case Studies showing the benefits of our brand strategy, design and digital marketing services to your business

Hiddlestone & Son Re-brand for Renewed Growth

Outcome: a brand strategy and delivery that directs more of the right customers towards their showroom and make more sales.

Apollo Teaching Digital Design for Engagement

Outcome: greater consistency, exposure and engagement with their brand resulting in greater lead generation for the business.

Leka Systems Digital Design and Marketing

Outcome: from startup to a strong market presence in an industry dominated by large and wealthy competitors.

Absolutely Phenomenal!

"The SeedMill have been absolutely phenomenal in providing a reliable and high quality consultation and implementation service that has enabled us to establish a stronger brand presence. The SeedMill have provided us with Digital Strategy Consultation, Graphic Design, Video, Animation and Web Design. All of which have had excellent feedback both internally and externally. The SeedMill have also provided us with an impeccably high standard of UX design that has been instrumental in allowing us to improve and modernise our current recruitment platforms. They are very good at understanding our needs and marketplace, and are active in offering suggestions that will continue to improve our brand. It’s a pleasure to work with The SeedMill."


Lee Powell

Sales Director
Apollo Teaching Services

Do You Need Sustainable Growth In Your Business? 

We have three services engineered to work together to improve your growth through your online presence

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Where do you most need help in your business?

How can we best help you to achieve your goals?

A brand that builds trust?

We have seen that the only way to increase your sales is to genuinely increase trust with your target audience by building a brand and digital strategy that people can identify and believe in.

Strategy to help you increase trust

A more professional image?

In today's increasingly competitive marketplaces you are judged on not just what you say but how you say it. Your image is a vital part of how you say what you say to your target audience.

Improve your image with Digital Design

Attracting more customers?

Building sustainable lead systems with high lifetime value is vital for businesses. We will help you to broadcast your brand online, generating valuable, targeted leads with inbound and outbound strategies.

Reach more of your ideal customers

Articles to help you grow your online brand

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