Digital Design & Marketing that drives business growth.

Grow your business with a website that builds trust and digital marketing that generates high-quality leads.

Most websites simply don’t work.

Your website should be your best salesperson.
If it isn’t something is very wrong!

Most businesses fail to build trust and engage the right leads because:

  • The messaging is not clear or targeted enough.
  • Poor website design doesn’t represent the brand properly.
  • Too much time and energy is spent on ineffective marketing tactics.
  • Slow website performance is killing usability and visibility for SEO.
  • There’s little to no ‘measurement’ on how the website performs.
  • The branding is a DIY effort and/or poorly implemented

Grow your business through your website

Your website should be your main marketing platform. It should be the centre-point in building your online brand. It should deliver clarity and messaging that builds layers of trust.

We have helped dozens of businesses to attract more of their best customers and to then find more freedom and growth. We do this through crafting effective online brands and powerful lead generating websites.

What people are saying!

“Absolutely Phenomenal”

“The SeedMill have been absolutely phenomenal in providing a reliable and high quality consultation and implementation service that has enabled us to establish a stronger online brand with Apollo Teaching”

Lee Powell

Sales Director at Apollo Teaching

“Seeing a good return”

“We now completely understand how the process you use was so important to get the right results for us. It has helped me to focus on what is really important in my business and to value the website. We are already seeing a good return from the website”

Mark Hiddlestone

Owner of Hiddlestone & Son

“Simply outstanding”

“After working with various marketing and web companies for some years on previous projects, whom simply delivered adequate results, we decided to research something better. We chose The SeedMill to manage our entire nationwide project launch… The SeedMill are simply an outstanding business to work with”


Director of Leka Systems

The five most important fixes you can make to your website within 7 days to increase leads and conversions.

Learn how to improve your website presence. Read our guide and discover:

  • A simple key messaging framework.
  • How to maximise your traffic flow.
  • A simple promotion tactic.
  • Whether Google is ranking your website properly.
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Our mission:

To help hundreds of the best businesses to thrive against their competition, find freedom and lasting growth.

We all see it happen. The best businesses often fail against the greedy, self-serving ones. Most businesses that succeed tend to have the most resources and shout the loudest. They are rarely those with the best product, service or values

The SeedMill was created to help those businesses with good values and ethics to succeed. We help them to grow profitably and sustainably through an effective online brand that attracts more of their best customers.