Digital Strategy

Clarify your message & brand marketing strategy

Digital Strategy

Imagine achieving the success that you want for your business and reaching your mountain top through an effective digital strategy framework that helps your business to thrive.

Digital Strategy Workshops

Create a distinctive online brand that attracts many more of your best customers and leverages all of the main trust factors.

A digital strategy workshop will help you to bridge that gap between your business vision and best possible customer profile, finding the most effective way to project a clear brand along the way.

Align your business goals with the best possible growth strategy through a series of consultancy workshops where you will receive:

  • A roadmap to effective digital marketing.
  • Knowledge on how to project your vision.
  • Market research on your ideal customers.
  • Analysis of your brand personality.
  • Marketing consultancy.
  • Brand Strategy consultancy.
  • Written report and conclusion.

Website Reviews and Audits

Is your website providing results and a strong return on investment to your business? If not why not?

Find some of those hidden factors and understand why your website is underperforming with our comprehensive website review and audit service

  • Over one hundred checkpoints
  • Website user experience analysis
  • Conversion optimisation analysis
  • Website security analysis
  • Speed & performance analysis
  • SEO & online visibility analysis
  • Comprehensive and easy to read PDF
  • WordPress optimisation analysis
  • Competitor analysis

Online Market Research

Most businesses operate in the dark over what their target audience and competitors are really doing.

Shine a light on your target customers and competing companies with an online market research report.

Have the most critical business information at your fingertips, enabling you to be more aware and targeted within your marketing.

The online market research report will cover:

  • Target audience research and analysis.
  • A competitor website analysis.
  • Reporting and documentation.
  • A consultancy call.

Ready to get started?

Tell us about your project. Understand where and how we can help your business to achieve growth through strategy, design and marketing.

Achieve growth through digital design & marketing

Case Studies showing the benefits of our brand strategy, design and digital marketing services to your business

Hiddlestone & Son Re-brand for Growth

Outcome: a brand strategy and delivery that directs more of the right customers towards their showroom and make more sales.

Apollo Teaching Digital Design for Engagement

Outcome: greater consistency, exposure and engagement with their brand resulting in greater lead generation for the business.

Leka Systems Digital Design and Marketing

Outcome: from startup to a strong market presence in an industry dominated by large and wealthy competitors.

Absolutely Phenomenal!

"The SeedMill have been absolutely phenomenal in providing reliable and high quality consultation and implementation services enabling us to establish a stronger brand presence.

The SeedMill provided us with Digital Strategy Consultation, Graphic Design, Video, Animation, UX and Website Design. All of which have had excellent feedback both internally and externally to an impeccably high standard. The UX design that has been instrumental in allowing us to improve and modernise our current recruitment platforms.

They are very good at understanding needs and marketplace and are active in offering suggestions that continue to improve our brand presence.

It’s a pleasure to work with them!"


Lee Powell

Sales Director
Apollo Teaching Services