Clarify your target customers and your messaging

Digital Strategy Workshops

Discover how to communicate with complete clarity of message to your best possible prospects. Uncover the most distinctive and compelling digital brand hiding within your business and then how to project it for the ultimate growth strategy.

Does your business clearly communicate to its target customers?

Few businesses know their ideal customers. Even fewer formulate a clear messaging strategy to them. We call this a brand gap.

Having an effective digital strategy is much misunderstood. It’s not just about your marketing and even less about your website. It’s about creating consistent communication towards your ideal customers and generating trust towards your brand.

Recent research shows that roughly fifty percent of businesses fail within the first three years. Even worse; most of that failure is down to a lack of effective planning and strategy.

The facts show that businesses fail to form an effective digital strategy that results in growth. This is terrible and easily overcome with the right frameworks in place…

Communicate the true value of your business to the right people…

Digital strategy workshops help you to clarify your brand personality towards your ideal customers so that you can attract better leads.

Run over two days and facilitated through video conferencing the result will be complete clarity in your marketing strategy and messaging. You will achieve a focused path towards fast, effective growth by attracting more of your best customers towards your business.

At the end of the workshop, you will receive a report that will document:

  • Your vision and goals
  • Your key competitors
  • Your ideal customers
  • Your brand personality and positioning
  • Clarity of message to your potential customers
  • A strategy to promote your business for maximum impact

How will a digital strategy workshop help your business?

  • Documentation of your businesses’ digital strategy. We will document your vision, your brand personality through to your best potential customers and how this all links together.
  • Understand your best potential customers and what really gravitates them towards your solutions over your competitors.
  • Find out how to express your business meaningfully with your marketplace with personality and impact.
  • Avoid treading the same path as your competitors and become the better option in the eyes of your customers.
  • Become part of the race to the top with more profitability over being trapped in that incredibly draining race to the bottom.

“As though I’d had counselling!”

“I came out of one workshop feeling as though I’d had counselling! But a good designer needs to understand your ‘why’, and Ray and Lianne were questioning and thorough in all the right ways. Not only did they create a brand I am incredibly proud of and that reflected my values and ambition, but I learnt a great deal in the process, about both business and myself.”
Rebecca Lees
Creative Director of Chatterbox Communications

“Already seeing a good return”

“We completely understand how the ‘process’ you use was so important to get the right results for us. It has helped me to focus on what is really important in my business and to value my branding and website far more. We are already seeing a good return of investment from the website and the branding has helped us have far better conversations with our customers.”
Mark Hiddlestone
Director of Hiddleston & Son

Achieve the ultimate clarity of message and targeting within your marketplace

Run over two days, our workshops will journey from investigating your business fundamentals through to a complete digital strategy…

  • Review of pre-workshop questionnaire
  • Investigation into your business vision and goals.
  • Competitor analysis using our prior research
  • Brand personality and differentiation analysis.
  • Review of online market research reports
  • Primary and secondary customer profiles
  • Customer journey maps
  • Brand positioning analysis against main competitors.
  • Brand gap analysis to see where you need to go.
  • Review of workshop with all decisions and findings.
  • Key messaging strategy overview.
  • A roadmap of a suggested digital marketing strategy.
  • Consultancy on implementation of the strategy provided.

Our digital strategy workshops start at £997.

Turn your business into a brand that communicates with absolute clarity to generate more of your best customers.

Note: We run a shorter workshop at £650 if a clear brand and strategy is already in place.

Note: We offer a 50% discount from the cost of any workshop you attend towards a website design project with us. Because the information gathered in the digital strategy workshop is so comprehensive it saves us all time during the design and build phases of a website project.

Frequently asked questions about our digital strategy workshops

Once you have paid for a digital strategy workshop we will send you a questionnaire and a booking calendar for which you can then arrange dates to attend at your convenience.

We will setup an online video conferencing environment and you will attend the online workshop at the pre-arranged date. During the workshop we will then run through the fun and thought provoking, strategic exercises one-by-one until we are complete.

Each exercise will build on the last one until we all reach a conclusion together. All the while, we will facilitate and guide you, offering consultancy along the way.

Finally, you will receive PDF documents from us documenting our journey together along with any supporting documents (such as a website review, competitor review or online market research report).

As mentioned on this page, you will receive PDF reports.

Yes, we can split the workshops down to suit your availability. We don’t offer or recommend less than half-day workshops for continuity. However, we can accommodate two half-days and a full-day or four half-days if necessary (depending on the type of workshop you have ordered).

Yes, we do.

Your report will document our journey together throughout the workshops. It will also provide a recommended strategy as part of a conclusion at the end of the report.

No! This is a purely strategic workshop. You will be equipped with all of the tools and direction you need to start make a strong impact with your brand and we can provide additional graphic design services should you wish. However, we will not design a logo, provide brand guidelines or perform any other creative artwork as part of the workshop.

This is up to you. We will advise a direction as part of the report. However, we do not want to tie you into having to use us to create any brand design or collateral after the workshop.

If you have an in-house marketing department the workshop reports will prove very useful in helping them to work towards a cohesive strategy.

If you don’t have an in-house marketing team, you may engage with any creative or marketing agency you choose and they will benefit greatly from the reports provided.

Having said that, we will happily discuss any requirements with you and can more easily provide costs based on the information already gathered as part of the workshop.

The number of people attending a workshop should be between one and five, with three to five being optimal.

We have run many workshops with one person with much success and this can often work well. However, if you can bring one or two more people it will greatly help with ideation.

However, any more than five people however becomes distracting, too chaotic and will extend the time needed to run the workshops.Having too many people in a workshop can greatly reduce the value of the information provided.

Glad you asked!

If we have worked on a digital strategy workshop together, you will be able to claim 50% of the cost of the workshop towards a website redesign.

So, if you wanted us to design and create a website for you after having completed a digital strategy workshop with us you will immediately have 50% of the workshop cost deducted from the website project.

The reason we do this is that have so much information available to us from the workshops that it genuinely makes our jobs much easier.