About The SeedMill

About The SeedMill

What do we do?

We are a brand strategy, design and marketing consultancy focused on helping good, authentic businesses to grow.

We specialise in helping businesses find and express their uniqueness to their ideal customers through a website presence, generating trust, leads, sales and a far longer lifetime value in the process.

We offer Branding, Strategy, Digital Design, Digital Marketing - all centred towards helping you to communicate and generate business through your website as a digital marketing platform.

We aim to help your business to attract more and better customers and tell your story about who are through the lens of your online brand, ensuring sustainable growth within your business.

We will help you to tell your story about who you are and what you offer through your brand, via your website, video, print and social media platforms.

Why are we doing this?

We believe that the best businesses with the most innovative or useful solutions should flourish and 'win'.

The reality is that it is normally the businesses who can market themselves better are the ones who win out in the end. There are many examples all around us of businesses who provide fantastic services and products but who do not survive because because they get their communication wrong.

Our primary aim is to help good businesses with authentic solutions to grow quickly and sustainably.

We do this by helping you to create a distinctive online brand and attracting the most beneficial customers towards your brand and the solutions that you provide.

Your website is the most powerful tool that you have as a business. It allows you to make a statement about who you and what you offer to your target customers in the most uninterrupted way. This is why we focus on your online profile as the most effective way to communicate your value.

How do we do this?

We believe in education, business, great design, the right to expression, uniqueness and that being different is good.

Our beliefs influence how we do everything that we do. They frame how we offer our services. We will do everything we can to advise you, giving knowledge and helping you to communicate your point of difference and usefulness to your marketplace, aligning you with your ideal customers.

We will consult with you and help you to define online brand and marketing strategies that will achieve a long term impact on your business. We will find design solutions that help you to express what it is that you do and align that to your customers. Ultimately, we provide our knowledge, expertise and craftsmanship, helping you to flourish far into the future, providing valuable solutions to your marketplace.

The main people behind The SeedMill

Ray Dale

Co-founder of The SeedMill. UX & Graphic Designer. Brand Strategist. Web Consultant. Online Business Strategist. WordPress Specialist.

A WordPress specialist, Ray has 20 years of commercial experience in designing, marketing and building strategies on the web. He has created online brand identities for large multi-nationals and small startups looking to build a distinctive and effective presence online.

Lianne Dale

Co-founder of The SeedMill. Online Marketer. Trainer. Tutor. Project & Office Manager. Marketing Director.

Lianne has over 15 years of commercial experience in business marketing, training and administration processes. A fully qualified teacher / tutor, she enjoys sharing her knowledge and helping others develop their skills in ways that matter to them and their business.


We are a small and nimble team with a diverse range of experience and knowledge.

Ray knows all things brand, design and digital strategy and Lianne is your person for online marketing, training and organisation.


Based in Bridgend, the majority of our clients come from all over South Wales and the UK.

However we also work with clients in the EU and the rest of the world.

So, what's next?

Want to grow your business presence online? Interested in being a success and promoting your story and USPs?

Yes? Great! Get in touch now and let us help you to grow your business.

Talk to us about: booking a coaching call, arranging a strategy workshop, starting a web design project, creating a video sales promo, the benefits of a website care plan, or having a branding identity overhaul.