At The SeedMill we have been building website experiences for over 18 years. The amount of experience and knowledge that we have gained in that time is enormous. This page has been put together to answer some of those questions we often frequently asked. Hopefully, this page will prove very useful to you, especially if you are confused about any aspect of starting a web or design project with a company such as us.

I don’t know much about websites, how do I go about having a website that people can find?

Don’t worry, we offer website care plans and website strategy workshops to help you both plan and move forward with a website that works for your business. We can advise you on the best approach and the most effective way forward for your particular business and circumstances.

How long does it take to build a website?

Your average high quality website can take around 4 weeks to build from start to finish. However, this can vary enormously depending on a number of factors such as the size of the project, how much content and imagery you have ready to hand and your expectations of the sort of impact that you want your website to deliver. Again, we can guide you and advise you on all of this. We always aim to provide clear and realistic turnaround times as early as we can in the process.

How much does a website cost?

Generally, we start from £950 for smaller websites. However, larger websites can range anywhere from £2,000 all the way up to £40,000. Like the cost of a car, it all depends on what you want to achieve and the value that you want your website to provide. There are so many factors influencing the cost of a website that unless you know exactly what it is that you want we will need discuss and research the best approach with you prior to giving a quote or estimate.

A good starting point is to complete our Get a Quote page where you will need to answer some searching questions about your business and website project. If you can answer all of the questions being asked, you have a very good chance of receiving a quote within a short timescale. You can always use the questions we ask to simply understand the level of information you will need to know before deciding whether a website project is right for you at this stage.

See our blog post on website costs and our web design page which gives some basic estimates on expected costs for varying project sizes.

Will my website be available for mobile devices?

Simply, yes, it will. All of the modern websites we build (within the past 2 years) are mobile responsive websites. They use modern responsive web design techniques to ensure that your website displays optimally on iPhone (or smartphones in general), iPad (or tablets in general), desktops and other devices such as interactive TV’s (a growing market).

What is a content management system (CMS)?

Content management systems (such as WordPress) allow you to amend and adjust the content and images on your website without any technical skills. Depending on your content management system setup, you will be able to add/amend and edit your pages on your website without having to pay web companies such as us to do this for you. In the long run a content management system will save you money (even though your website will inevitably be more expensive to build initially).

Do I need a content management system?

This completely depends on your requirements on your website, your budget and how often you need to be able to update your website. Generally speaking we don’t tend to deal with websites that are not content managed in some way, largely because most businesses need to be able to add and amend their own content.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most popular content management system available and powers over 25% of all websites on the internet. As you can probably imagine that is an install base of millions of websites. WordPress is also open source and as a result is contributed to by tens of thousands of developers all over the world as it grows from strength to strength. It reaches far and wide, allowing us to tap into that strength and collective intelligence in order to arrive at better solutions more cost effectively. WordPress is also driven by a philosophy of ‘democratising the web’ and aims to provide extremely advanced CMS tools which are still extremely simple to use, perfect for most types of websites.

In essence WordPress allows us to develop extremely customisable and flexible websites to modern standards using web development and design best practices. It can help a business scale from a small one person sole trader all the way to a large corporate. All it takes is time and expertise in dealing with the software and a good business idea.

Why do you always use WordPress?

Well, firstly we don’t always use WordPress! It may be that Drupal or ProcessWire are better suited towards your aims (two other CMS platforms that we work with). However, WordPress is one of the key content management systems that we use and it is the CMS (content management system) we have specialised in since 2007. As a result we know it very well indeed and can make a very good judgement as to whether it will be effective in each specific case.

What is information architecture?

Information architecture describes how the different pages of a website are related to one another. This is normally illustrated visually through a sitemap showing linkages between the various pages and how they site in the website tree or hierarchy.

What is an interactive prototype?

In simple terms, an interactive prototype is a black and white version of your website designed to show the functionality and features of your website as they will work in the browser. Interactive prototypes tend to not display any artwork, instead aiding focus on other deciding factors such as navigation and information layout & architecture.  Therefore, no design is shown to allow all parties to make final decisions on the functionality and user flow within the website.

Do you do eCommerce websites?

Yes, we do. Please see our web design page for rough costs and functionality that we provide.

Do I need to have a domain name to have a website?

Yes, you do. Whilst we are not a domain hosting company, we can help you with this to purchase your own domain name, or we can manage one for you.

Do I need to have web hosting to have a website?

Yes, as with a domain name, you cannot have a website without web hosting. As with domain names, we are not a web hosting company, however, we can either work with your existing provider, or we can manage your web hosting for your for you. We offer a number of website care packages where we can manage your website hosting and software for you.

Do you provide training?

Yes, we can provide training for your website content management system and strategy workshops to help you build a plan to create an effective online presence.

Do you write content for websites?

No, we don’t and we encourage you to write your own content to keep it as authentic as possible. If you have a legitimate reason not to or do not have the capacity to write your own content in some way, we can recommend providers who will do this for you.

Can you help me with my social media?

Yes, we can. We do not write content for you (please see above question on writing content for websites), however, we can help you to setup your social media accounts. We can also help you create a long term strategy for your social media presence.

Do you provide email hosting?

Whilst this is not our speciality, we can provide you with simple, low-cost email hosting from a reputable provider. Businesses who work with us often find our email hosting useful if they have no idea on how to go about setting up with email accounts themselves.

Your emails will be held on a separate server to your website (even if you are also hosting with us) which is a necessary, but often overlooked technical detail (for better security, performance and reliability).

However, because we are not specialists in email hosting, we only charge a minimal fee to setup and handle your email accounts. We do not provide priority technical support nor IT setup support. Any further support you ask us to provide will be charged at a reasonable hourly rate. As part of your email setup you will receive access to a webmail hosting account along with the technical details for you to setup your email clients. Due to the variety of email clients and IT setups, we cannot assist with the setup of email clients and strongly recommend that you receive assistance from an IT company if you need help with this.

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a website address or identification on the internet whereby a user can find a website location. For example: is the domain name for our company. No one else can have this name whilst it is registered to us. Because we registered to our business, it is ours for as long as we continue to pay and annual fee to keep it registered in our name.

Every domain name is hosted by a DNS provider (Domain Name Server) and an annual fee will normally apply to keep that domain name running. This is usually inexpensive (varying from £5 to £30 per year) and a lot of businesses like to own numerous domain names related to their business.

what is web hosting?

Every website is composed of a number of files including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP not to mention the text content and images. All of these files need to be ‘hosted’ somewhere to be delivered to your web browser when you type in a domain name. Web hosting is provided by a computer in a data centre that houses all of the files of your website on a hard drive. Whenever you type in the domain name or web address to a website, that computer ‘serves’ the files to your web browsers.

Hosting is best provided by companies who specialise in this and is normally charged on a monthly or annual basis. Web hosting can cost between £5 per month all the way up to £10,000 per month depending on the size of your website, what it needs to do and how many visitors it gets per day.

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