Is your website working for your business?

Website Review and Audit

Your website or should be your primary marketing platform for your business, especially if you’re in B2B. Is your website providing results and a strong return on investment to your business? If not why not? Find out why with a website review and audit.

Do you have a traffic or a conversion problem?

It’s likely that there are potential customers on your website hitting the back button right now to go and find a competitor.

They are doing this out of common frustrations such as:

  • You not being clear in what it is that you can do for them.
  • A generally poor user experience in navigating your website.
  • Poor content and web design is leaving your visitors with mistrust towards your brand.
  • You have terrible SEO, dramatically hindering Google from properly indexing your website.
  • Not being clear as to what your visitors should do next.

Your website visitors and target audience are being prevented from finding the information they need about what you really offer.

Understand how your elevate your website performance

We’re often dismayed to see the poor implementation on a lot of websites. So, we have created a service and education to shine a big bright light on how you can make your website perform better for your business.

At The SeedMill we have helped hundreds of businesses to remove the fog on why their websites are underperforming and the actions they can take to elevate them to achieve a far better return on investment (ROI).

Use our website review and audit service to help you in elevating your website and preventing money from slipping through your fingers!

What is a website audit and why do I need one?

A website audit will help you to Identify the errors that result in a poor website experience for your visitors and the search engines.

Our website audits are:

  • Comprehensive. These are fully tailored reviews and reports that detail messaging problems, design issues and website errors along with SEO (search engine optimisation). We cover all of the biggest problems on your website.
  • Not just about SEO. Full website audits are NOT the typical, machine generated report you will find elsewhere. The machine generated reports mostly cover one aspect of the website auditing process (usually just SEO). As a result these more limited audits miss many of the more influential factors in determining a high performing website.
  • Reduce the noise. Our website audit reports will prioritise any issues in order of the highest impact items for your business first. We will help you to focus on what really matters and what moves the needle the most. 
  • Find hidden errors. Unfortunately a lot of website errors and SEO problems are almost invisible to website owners or the business that owns the website. We will help to shine a light for you here.
  • Actionable. You will receive actionable advice on the most high impact issues your website has in order of priority. Even if you only concentrated on the big items labelled as “High impact” you will drastically improve your website presence.

Discover and fix the hidden problems on your website.

Our website audit report covers:

  • Website brand messaging. How well your message is likely to be received.
  • User experience to ensure your users can get to and consume the information they need.
  • Website design to see how your design supports your brand or detracts from it.
  • Conversion optimisation to identify whether your visitors are likely to trust you and get in touch.
  • SEO audit. Search engine optimisation is vital to help Google list your website properly.
  • Speed and performance ratings to gauge whether your visitors will wait for things to load.
  • Website security analysis to see whether you are losing trust before you start.
  • Technical factors such as whether Google Analytics is installed.
  • WordPress audit. A technical audit for WordPress websites to gauge their optimisation levels.

Outweigh any other competitor

“After working with various marketing and web companies, whom simply delivered adequate results, we decided to research something better. We chose The SeedMill through vigorous research to manage our entire nationwide project launch and our website and promotional material now far outweigh any other competitor of ours.”
Rhys Hoddinott
Director of Leka Systems

High quality consultation

“The SeedMill are very good at understanding our needs and marketplace with an impeccably high standard of strategy and user experience design. They have been absolutely phenomenal in providing a reliable and high quality consultation and implementation service that has enabled us to establish a stronger brand presence.”
Lee Powell
Sales Director of Apollo Teaching

Book a Professional Website Audit

Which type of website audit do you need for your business?

Your website audit report will not only pinpoint any problems with your website, it will also give you advice and fixes for every problem in the report so that you can start getting better results right away.  You just have to decide how much help you want to start getting better results:

Standard Report

This is a series of PDF reports sent to you over email and covering all of the most important factors that determine the success of your website, including:


  • Analysis and discussion on who the website is targeting.
  • Website user experience analysis.
  • Website conversion optimisation analysis.
  • Eye-tracking analysis on your homepage showing how people visualise your page.
  • Website security analysis.
  • Page speed performance assessment.
  • Keyword research.
  • SEO & online visibility analysis.
  • Comprehensive, beautifully presented and easy to read PDF.
  • Automatic sign-up to our educational periodic e-newsletter.

Consultation Report

In addition to the standard report, we can also provide video consultancy to provide additional support in identifying any issues:


  • Everything included in the standard report. Plus:
  • A booking scheduler to book the video call at your convenience.
  • A competitor review of your website against two of your selected competitors.
  • 30 minutes of consultation over video.
  • A live demonstration on the highest impact points from the audit report.
  • Get answers to any points from the audit report.
  • Gain more insight into turning your website into a source of trust and lead generation.

Report & Fixes

In addition to the standard report, this option allows for up to 3.5 hours of SEO fixes (for a WordPress, Webflow or Framer website):


  • Everything included in the consultation report. Plus:
  • Analysis of the highest impact fixes that should be made.
  • A summary of the priority fixes we will implement.
  • Up to three and-a-half hours of SEO fixes.
  • A report on the fixes we have implemented once completed.
  • Note: fixes will only be carried out on WordPress, Webflow or Framer websites. WordPress SEO fixes in particular require specialist knowledge and our business is designed around delivery for that platform.

Book a website audit today!

Once you have requested a website audit and depending on the level of audit you choose we will ask you questions about your competitors and what you want to achieve with your website.

Your audit will normally take between 3-5 working days to complete.

Frequently asked questions about our website audits

The website audit report we send to you will be in PDF format or as an online web page. We have found that this is the easiest method for people to read and understand the reports.

Our website audit framework is easy to read and action, so, we want to supply it to you in the most accessible form possible. We have found that PDF or a standard web page are the most accessible formats for most people.

There can be many of these as unfortunately, a website is still a very technical marketing platform (despite the power of having one).

Just two of the most common hidden elements that negatively effect your website are bad coding and mobile friendliness and it’s often extremely difficult and time consuming to discover these.

Another common problem is SEO (search engine optimisation) related to website page speed and performance.

There are other problems in addition to this that are almost unknown to people except those who live and breathe web development. Our website audit and review service aims to find these problems and tell you how to fix them. Our audit is designed to save you time, money, and help you to achieve more traffic and better response rates.

UX or user experience is the perhaps the most important part of your website and it covers many diverse elements such as:

  • How easy the navigation is to use?
  • Is the content legible and easy to read?
  • Does the website employ mobile responsive design effectively and can the website be viewed through a mobile device comfortably?
  • Is the layout set in such a way that I can easily move around the page?
  • Does the website use relevant headlines?
  • Do the images support the copy, or leave the visitor confused?

There are many other factors that determine a good or bad user experience and we cover the main, high impact ones.

SEO is short for search engine optimisation and will help to identify whether the website is easily visible to Google so that Google can index and rank the website accordingly.

Part of our website audit reporting will provide you with a technical SEO audit too, providing you with information on the often hidden elements that determine your SEO.

Your website rankings will determine how far up the Google results (lists) you will appear when someone searches for a topic related to your website. The higher you rank, the more organic traffic you will get with visitors landing on your website as opposed to your competitors.

Essentially, Google sends out search engine crawlers to track down every website in existence. Once a search engine crawler finds a website it will then ‘crawl’ through the website to understand the content and ‘index’ it. If Google can read your website properly it can index it, or, ‘rank’ it accordingly against every other website that it understands to be of a similar topic.

There are many elements to SEO that are considered a ranking factor, however, we will cover the high impact items in our website audit report. Those items that determine whether your website is truly visible to Google or whether there are hidden elements that prevent this. Obviously, we will also indicate how the issues can be fixed as well.

No, not currently. We will inspect the main links on your website, but we do not do a full site analysis for broken links.

We can do this as an extra request as the task involves a lot of resource. If the broken links are minor (we do pick up larger ones), it isn’t going to be the biggest factor in determining the effectiveness of your website for conversions.

Yes, you can! But you’ll find that this will only provide SEO related information provided by a machine. There are many more important factors determining your websites’ effectiveness over SEO.

Our reports are fully reviewed and checked by human beings who are experienced in analysing websites and they cover all of the most important factors that determine the effectiveness of your website presence.

The truth is, you don’t absolutely have to. We just advise that you do.

You may have another source of analysis on your website. However, it is also true that Google Analytics is free and the most widely used source of analytics on modern websites.

Because Google Analytics is so ubiquitous we consider this to be a mandatory element for most businesses. Especially those who don’t have the resources to employ other expensive analytics tools and the people to analyse them.

Not specifically. We do investigate your content on your homepage in accordance with what is likely to be the biggest impact to the visitor and how they understand your business and how it helps them.

We largely focus on user experience, conversion optimisation and SEO, therefore, an in-depth content audit is out of scope beyond the more high impact messaging and tone you use.