Understand your target customers and competitors

Online Market Research

Get ahead of your competition by shining a light on your target customers and competing companies. Understand them deeply with our clear and simple market research reports. The most critical business information at your fingertips, enabling you to be more aware and targeted within your marketing.

How much do you know about your customers?

Most businesses use an intuitive process to ‘guess’ who their target customers and competitors are based on conversations which results in large gaps in knowledge.

The businesses who do undertake some form of market research find it impossibly tough to do with any reliable accuracy.

It’s true. It really is hard getting reliable data on your marketplace. Often involving surveys, but they tend to be biased and deliver questionable results as people rarely understand the question or provide truthful answers.

Painstaking research through social channels and analysis tools consume huge amounts of business hours and leave gaps.

So what’s the solution?

Enter… reliable online market research reports

Let us take on that time-consuming burden and perform online market research for you at a fraction of the cost you can do it for yourself.

We have years of experience in knowing where to go to get information and have cultivated a suite of tools to help us. We can make powerful research reports that help you to drive your business forwards.

Finally, accurate online market research to help you find your ideal customers quickly and easily and then target your messaging to them that sets you apart.

How will online market research reports help your business?

  • Get an “at a glance” look at where your audience hang out online, so that you can talk to them more easily.
  • Find out what people are interacting with, reading, listening to and watching to get critical insight.
  • Find out where your competitors are strong and crucially where they are not!
  • Create marketing outreach that you can be confident will reach the right people.
  • Discover more opportunities for your brand with more targeted, more reliable marketing.

Shine a torch on your marketplace with affordable online market research

Two reports empowering you to find your one single best strategy…

  • Find out what your target audience’s demographics really are.
  • See the phrases, hashtags and words most used by your audience to help reach them.
  • See the social accounts and websites most followed by your target audience.
  • Find out which podcasts and YouTube channels your audience listen to and watch.
  • Understand which press accounts do they follow the most.
  • All presented in an easy to browse PDF report
  • Learn what your competitor’s demographics really look like.
  • Find out what your competitor’s audiences are responding to the most.
  • See analysis of your competitor’s websites and which keywords they target the most.
  • View your competitor’s key messaging strategies at a glance.
  • Read our conclusion and analysis on the findings to help you identify any gaps in your marketplace.
  • All presented in an easy to browse PDF report.

Our online market research reports start at £795.

Do you want to gain deep insight into your target audience and competitors? Schedule a call with us and we can tailor a report around your needs.

Some frequently asked questions about online market research

We will send you two online market research reports. One will be a report on your target audience and one will be an online competitor analysis report.

Both reports will be provided as PDFs and will be sent out to you via email. This way you will be able to access your reports at any time on most types of device once you have saved them.

No! The reports we produce are hand written by humans.

Whilst we do use machine learning and data from machine driven sources (such as online analytics and reporting tools), your report will be manually created and interpreted by us to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible, given your situation and what you want to gather data on.

Typically, you will receive your online market research report within 5-10 working days.

Because the reports are time consuming to hand create, we ask for your patience in our time to turn them around. Typically, we can create the reports for you within 1 week of them having been booked in, however, the timescales will vary due to demand.

We will advise you accordingly if we feel that the reports will be delayed before you book with us.

Yes, we do.

We understand how important interests can be, especially when targeting those interests through advertising. We will provide a thorough breakdown and list of your audience interests as long as there’s enough of a sample audience to analyse.

Yes, you absolutely can! However, it will take you over one hundred hours to get anywhere near the depth and detail that we can achieve with the mixture and balance of technology that we use.

Even if we told you all of the software that we use there’s a process to get the best out of them. Please, try to get market research done yourself first and then contact us once you need more accuracy or you want to use less resources within your business.

No, we don’t. Whilst you can get some useful data back from surveys that information is not often reliable or practical unless in large quantities. This means that if you have a very large volume of traffic visiting your site, surveys can hold value. However because people often answer questions with an unintentional lack of accuracy (human beings can be very complex psychologically) the data will often lie.

Our processes use real data based on real activities. There is little room for human error in the data that we get back. It’s a case of facts over interpretation.

The reporting tools and observation methods we use analyse social profiles, website data and keyword analysis to build a complete picture on a given audience. This utilises both human experience and software tools to arrive at a comprehensive report.

Our competitor reviews are manually created and based on experience and observation. We also provide fundamental SEO analysis using software to compliment the observations and analysis done by hand.

You can do whatever you see fit with the information we provide within the reports. If you already have a marketing team or suppliers who help you with your marketing, the reports will substantially assist them in identifying a best strategic route for you.

The reports we provide will give crucial information about both the target audience you have asked us to research along with the competitors you have highlighted to us.

The information you get from the reports will aid you in becoming for focused in your existing online marketing strategy. They will help you to become more precise in both your targeting to your best possible audience and your capacity to be a point of difference in your marketplace. Those two points really are the most crucial elements in achieving growth through online marketing.

If you need help or are doing all of your marketing yourself, please just email us and we will assist you in whatever way we can. We run strategy workshops almost exactly for this purpose. Anything you have spent on online market research reports with us can be discounted from a strategy workshop should you wish to proceed with one.