Why The SeedMill is different

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The SeedMill is different because we establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. We don’t want to provide a quick fix to your web problems. We consider the future and the long-term prospects for your decisions. We’re in it for the long-haul. We want to help your business grow over the long-term.

What we don’t do

  • There are many companies that profess to being experts at creating websites that will get your website to the “top of Google”.
  • There are many companies that will create a unique website for you for £500 for less.
  • There are many companies that sell “unique and bespoke” websites when in fact they use template designs and only customise colours.
  • There are many companies that say yes to all projects, only for the client to realise a few months later that want they asked for has not been delivered completely.

At The SeedMill, we don’t do any of these things.

What we do

Instead, we charge reasonable prices for high quality professional work.

  • We provide exceptional value for money for those clients that are looking for premium online services. We create web solutions designed specifically for each and every client that we work with. We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’.
  • We work with you to create an online marketing strategy that suits your business goals. We help you to devise an Internet growth strategy that is manageable, sustainable and effective. And one that delivers long-term results.
  • We are an experienced web consultancy that believes in the advice that we provide. We use an ethical approach and we follow our own advice. If we can’t provide a solution that is suitable for you then we will let you know. We won’t just take your money and hope for the best.
  • We get to know your business and your goals. We don’t just provide what you ask for. We don’t just say “Yes sir”. We will question your decisions. We will ask if your requirements answer to a business case. We provide what your business needs and not just what you want.
  • We work within structured processes. We follow a solid plan to move all projects from the starting blocks to the finishing line. Our process has been built up over many years of experience, working on numerous projects with a variety of clients.
  • We charge lower prices than other web design and marketing agencies as we have lower overheads. We don’t have swanky, plush city centre offices. We don’t have directors that drive top of the range cars. We don’t have a huge team of employees. We don’t charge more because we don’t need to.

How we work The SeedMill

  • We are small, we are nimble, we are agile. We are down to earth. We are approachable. We explain in ways you understand.
  • We want to understand you and your business. We like asking (many) questions because we want to get to know your business.
  • We want to work with people that we like, people that want to nurture their company, business owners that believe in providing the best quality and value for their customers.
  • We work with you, not for you. And we work with businesses that enjoy providing a premium service to their own clients, because they like their clients too.

If this sounds like you, then we want to work with you. Get in touch so that we can start working together now!

Lianne Dale

Online Marketer. WordPress Trainer. Project & Office Manager. Social Media Advisor. Marketing Director. Co-founder of The SeedMill. With an almost obsessive need to be neat, tidy, organised and structured, I am responsible for ensuring that all the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Having worked in a variety of roles in a wide selection of sectors, from large public organisations to local SMEs, I have a deep understanding of how different businesses operate and the struggles that they face. Passionate about learning new things, and sharing this knowledge, I thoroughly enjoy helping others succeed and empowering them to help themselves. I firmly believe that knowledge is the key to a successful future. Random fact: I love the beach but I hate swimming in the sea.