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The SeedMill are launching a brand new website review and audit process as part of a wider education programme for businesses.

More sales more income graph after a website review - The SeedMillOur website review & audit will help your business to gain complete clarity on what is working and is not working on your website. By actioning the findings in the review & audit you will be able to turn your business website into a more powerful marketing platform.

We want you to have a website that works for your business, helps to generate leads, is visible to search engines and brings in more sales. Our review & audit process will help you to achieve this by providing absolute clarity in what the strengths and weaknesses of your website are and how to fix the weaknesses.

The most important marketing platform that doesn’t actually perform for most businesses

Graph with decreasing values over time showing poor performance - The SeedMillFor a lot of businesses their website should be the most critical marketing platform that they have. Their website should reflect their business and be available 24/7. However, very few businesses have websites that actually perform for them. They fail to appear in searches, they fail to generate business.

The real problem is that most businesses have no idea why their websites are not performing for them. Even worse, some of the factors that determine visibility in search engines such as Google are completely hidden from anyone who lacks the necessary skill and technical ability. Combine this with critical factors such as understanding whether you have a unique value proposition and why you need one and you end up with the current situation. Most businesses, particularly in South Wales, have no idea why their websites are failing them and what to do about it.

You will find other companies who offer website reviews & audits and we certainly don’t claim to be the first to do so. However, these are nearly all automated and are extremely limited. In effect they just don’t serve any purpose as they miss larger and more impactful areas that should be examined (such as the key messaging and calls-to-action used).

It’s in the details

html code with WordPress API code - The SeedMillMost businesses have been fed erroneous information about their website and what they need to do to make it a powerful marketing platform for them. One of the loveliest little snippets that we frequently come across (please excuse the sarcasm) is that having a sliding image banner (or a carousel as it’s sometimes called) will help increase your website visitor engagement. I’m sorry but that’s absolute horseshit! There are studies out there that prove this belief to be complete rubbish. Image sliders actually reduce the engagement with your brand for most types of business (there are some industries such as the travel industry where image sliders can – read CAN -work).

To top it all off, the technology needed to run a facility like an image slider on a website is often a complete performance killer. It results in unnecessary downloads and kills the speed of a page loading for virtually no benefits.

The trouble is that most business owners are not aware that they are being fed with complete nonsense, they often have no choice and have to take advice like this on face value from a supposed expert.

Website reviews to provide clarity and consistency

Our website review & audit grew from wanting to offer concrete information to the average business owner or the person responsible for their businesses website. Concrete information on only the most important factors that govern the power of their website.

We wanted to ensure that the information we offered used industry leading performance metrics provided by partners such as Google and combined with our own wealth of experience.

We wanted to provide a comprehensive study that could be summarised at a glance and consumed in detail when time was available.

We feel that we have achieved our aim and have the most complete website review and audit process available.

Right now we’re putting the finishing touches on our review systems and making sure that our internal processes are watertight. We aim to launch our website reviews & audits in November 2017.

Already well received

We have been testing our website review & audit systems with current clients for over 4 months. This is all whilst we have been developing certain aspects of our process so that we can deliver the most powerful results possible and improve the level of information that we offer.

Even in their early form the tests we have run with a small sample of our customers, our review & audit has been received incredibly well. Every test we have run has met with glowing comments as there is so much helpful information that a website owner then has at their disposal.

What our website review & audit offers

Checklist with hand checking items off after a website review and audit - The SeedMillAvailable in three different forms, our new review & audits aim to deliver the following (depending on which tier you choose):

  • Critical analysis on only the most important factors governing the power of your website as branding and marketing platform.
  • User experience investigated, identifying potential navigation issues along with issues that could block the visitor from exploring your website efficiently.
  • Conversion optimisation is also investigated to make sure you are using the chances that you have to capture leads from your website.
  • SEO is reviewed as part of the report looking at the most important but largely invisible areas that result in your website’s visibility to search engines such as Google
    A downloadable PDF that you can take away and read in your own time.
  • Actionable steps on how and what you can improve on your website along with the priority of each actionable step found.
  • A competitor analysis, looking at your two most direct online competitors. Then identifying what they do well and more critically where you have opportunities against them online.
  • 40 minutes consultation via phone call or Skype to assist you in your understanding of the review and it’s impact on your website as a business branding and marketing platform.

Help your business to maximise the power of its website as a branding and marketing platform

Book a website review & audit along with a coaching call to understand how best to make the changes that you need.

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Ray Dale

Brand Strategist. Web Designer. Web Consultant. UX Designer. WordPress Specialist. Creative Director. Co-founder of The SeedMill. With 20 years of commercial experience in web and design industries, Ray is fascinated with all forms of design and business strategy, whether that is web design, video or data driven design. Having worked for small design agencies and large corporate companies, Ray has seen all sides of the web design and marketing industries. With a head full of ideas & strategies and a skillset that is rare to find, Ray is extremely passionate about helping businesses to achieve growth online through strategy and design.