Values and beliefs at The SeedMill

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We provide online solutions not websites.

If you ask us for a website, we will ask ‘Why do you need it? How will you use it?’ If you ask for an online shop, we will ask ‘Why do you need it? How will you use it?’ If you ask for a logo redesign, we will …….. well, you get the picture. We ask questions, lots of them. We want to understand you, your business, your goals. We believe in creating a fully rounded online solution that works for your business and your business only. We do not adopt a ‘rinse and repeat’ method where we treat every project the same.

We believe that every project is different, every client is different, every business is different. That’s because every person is unique and all businesses are run by different people. No two accountants are the same, just like no two electricians are the same, just like no two web design companies are the same.

We believe in providing you with an online solution – whether that be a website, a video, a marketing strategy or all of the above – that is unique to your business. If you want a website that’s more about your personal wants than your business needs, then don’t come to us. But if you want to discuss your online goals and would appreciate some advice and guidance, then please make our inbox ping.

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We share knowledge.

We don’t believe in keeping our clients in the dark about the web. Technology moves at a frighteningly fast speed and for our clients trying to keep up with the latest web developments can seem like an impossible task. But that’s where we come in. We keep up to date with the latest goings on because that’s what we do best.

We aren’t architects, so if you’re an architect, we wouldn’t try to do your job. And likewise, if you’re a plumber, why would you create your own website? We know that you know your industry best and we know that we know ours best. We know how to get the best out of our industry in order to help you get the best out of yours.

And we want to share our knowledge with you. We want to break down the barriers within the web industry and provide clear and open information that helps you make the right decisions for your business. We believe that being armed with knowledge gives you power. Power to drive your business forward into new directions – directions that you didn’t even know existed.


If your values and beliefs tie in with ours, let us help you with your next web project so that you can achieve your online business goals.

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Lianne Dale

Online Marketer. WordPress Trainer. Project & Office Manager. Social Media Advisor. Marketing Director. Co-founder of The SeedMill. With an almost obsessive need to be neat, tidy, organised and structured, I am responsible for ensuring that all the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Having worked in a variety of roles in a wide selection of sectors, from large public organisations to local SMEs, I have a deep understanding of how different businesses operate and the struggles that they face. Passionate about learning new things, and sharing this knowledge, I thoroughly enjoy helping others succeed and empowering them to help themselves. I firmly believe that knowledge is the key to a successful future. Random fact: I love the beach but I hate swimming in the sea.