Traveland Website Design & Development

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The SeedMill have been involved with a very large project in redesigning and developing the Traveland website. Traveland are a company based in Porthcawl, South Wales offering cruise packages with a service based on decades of industry knowledge.

Tasked with redesigning the website towards a more modern looking and yet friendly family run brand presence, The SeedMill produced a series of prototypes before arriving at a result that has received wide acclaim and has pushed the Traveland brand towards competing with the very best (and largest companies) in their industry. Considering Traveland are a relatively small family run business this is quite a feat.

The website is run through WordPress as a content management system and allows the business to take control of all content on the website quickly and easily. Having previously been built in another content management system it was critical that the website became easier to use and operate by the business.

Traveland have had a very long established relationship with the major cruise operators such as P&O, Cunard and Princess Cruises. This relationships enables Traveland to call information and feeds from those operators. The SeedMill were also tasked with creating a cruise database that pulled the information from a range of cruise operators whilst also allowing Traveland to add their own cruises through a bespoke content management system.

Traveland have already achieved a huge reduction in administration costs due to the content management systems and feeds being run through their website. Previously, all cruise information and pricing was updated manually by staff in-house, taking up vast quantities of time on any given month. These tasks have been reduced by at least 80% and allow Traveland to become more proactive in marketing and providing value through their services. Overall, this was a job very well done!

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Ray Dale

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