WordPress Training

WordPress Training

WordPress is by default an easy-to-use content management system which can then be complex as soon as it is used as a business website

WordPress is currently the dominant content management system with a huge market share over its competitors

Because of the very specific needs that most businesses have, as soon WordPress is implemented into the context of a business website, it then takes time to discover how it operates for your specific needs. It then takes more time mastering the techniques in making it work for you and your business. Normally, there are very specific customisations that most businesses need and training is often a requirement in order to use the system properly.

The problem we see is that most training for WordPress is delivered by inexperienced people and is certainly not tailored to the specific website needs or business objectives.

We have 3 training programmes that will help you master WordPress as it is implemented on your website and for your business.

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Our WordPress Training Packages

Initial Launch Training

Many web agencies do not provide initial launch training as part of any web design / delivery service, instead they often include it as an additional or simply ignore the need for this. We provide initial WordPress training with every website project we deliver included within the initial cost. When you choose to work with us, you will have a fully functioning website that you can use and manage yourself upon launch, ensuring that you can drive forward quickly with your online presence.

Refresher Training

If you already have a WordPress website, we can offer refresher training. Whatever experience you have, we can ensure that you take your knowledge to the next stage and actually achieve a new level of effectiveness and efficiency in managing your WordPress website. If you already have a care plan with us, your training can be delivered within your allocated support hours at no additional cost. Or, if you don't currently have a care plan with us we can simply arrange training and will charge a low 'session fee'.

Bespoke Training

As all of our websites are bespoke, all of our Training Sessions are bespoke. We do not use a 'one size fits all' approach to our training delivery, so you can rest assured that the training you receive will be tailored perfectly to your website. Our Training Sessions are offered over-the-phone or 'on location' workshops (only available within South Wales). Our bespoke training includes a eBook WordPress manual after your training. We also provide WordPress Training Videos in all our Website Care Plans.

Our WordPress Training Package Pricing

WordPress CMS Refresher Training

£99 per Session
  • Either - A refresher session to recap on your initial website launch training
  • Or - A further session to delve into more complex areas of your CMS
  • Over the phone training*
  • Up to 2 hours
  • Up to 2 people

Bespoke WordPress CMS Training **

£195 per Session
  • For those who need support in using their WordPress CMS website effectively
  • We will need system access to your website for us to undertake the training you require
  • Over the phone training*
  • Up to 2 hours
  • Up to 2 people
  • WordPress manual eBook provided after the training session

Over the phone training is arranged as standard. If 'on location' training is required, an additional charge may apply.

** The price will be less for those who need training on a website that we have designed and built as this will involve far less work for us to deliver

We specialise in WordPress and have done since 2009

We specialise in the WordPress CMS platform and our training sessions ensure you quickly get to grips with your new WordPress website.

Due to our level of expertise and years of experience in web design using WordPress (we have been working with WordPress for 10 years) and in delivering training in general, we are confident that our Training Sessions will provide you with a thorough understanding of not only how to use your WordPress CMS on a day-to-day basis for your website management but also how you can use it to build a successful lead generating online presence for your business.

If you have questions about your training needs, get in touch so that we can discuss your requirements. Or, see our frequently asked questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions