WordPress Health-check

WordPress Health-check

Your website is the central point of your online marketing strategy. For this reason it is essential that your website runs smoothly like a well-oiled machine.

Do you have a website built on the WordPress CMS platform?
If so, we can help improve it's efficiency. Because we specialise in WordPress, we can provide extra checks and tests specific to the WordPress CMS, that will analyse your WordPress website for security and efficiency.

Just as you take your car for a yearly MOT and service, or take yourself off to the Dentist or Optician to have regular check-ups and eye-tests, it is just as important that your website is tested, reviewed and retuned on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to be fit for it's purpose.

Our Website Health Checks are comprehensive and thorough. They are based on a 55 point testing routine, whereby we go through a series of manual analysis tests using our years of experience in crafting websites to find weak points and strengths in your online presence in order to give you a fully rounded picture. Our Website Health Checks provide you with the peace of mind that your website is safe, secure and doing it's crucial job as the central hub of your online marketing strategy.

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