Social Media Training

Social Media Training

Social media is a key component of any online marketing strategy so we can help you get your social media campaign off the ground with our social media training sessions.

We specialise in providing social media training for Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook. Through our experience of working with small businesses, we have found these three social media platforms to be the most popular and therefore beneficial to our clients.

Our social media training has been carefully designed with small businesses in mind, and our training workshops will provide you with the knowledge and understanding you will need to help you get your social media presence off to a flying start. Our training sessions buildĀ a strong foundation of understanding for you in your chosen social media platform(s) upon which you can then add to as your knowledge and experience grows.


All our social media training packages are bespoke and tailored towards your specific requirements and level of knowledge across the social media platforms of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Our training workshops can be run as a series of sessions that will help you to develop your knowledge over the course of a training programme or you can simply choose to have a one-off workshop just to get you started.

Our training workshops are hands-on, and you will need access to a computer during the session. We deliver small and informal sessions, that can take place at a location of your choosing within South Wales or they can been delivered over-the-phone or via Skype.

At the end of your initial training session you will know all that you need to know in order to get setup on the social media platform(s) of your choice and you will be able to implement all that you have learnt from the workshop as soon as the training session ends.

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