Generate visitors towards your website

Search Engine Optimisation

Drive visitors to your website and ensure that your website can be found by your prospective customers when they most need it. Use Search Engine Optimisation to lift your business and brand long into the future.


Why SEO?

93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. It's the number one driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%.

The goal of a cohesive SEO strategy should be to bring targeted website visitors to your website by ranking high in search results for specific searches by your audience. Some of the additonal benefits can be:

  • Can result in Increased traffic and conversions
  • Users generally trust search results
  • SEO can buid trust and credibility
  • Can be good for brand recognition
  • A better user experience
  • A cost effective method to generate leads
  • Can achieve long-term results

How does SEO work?

Search Engine Optimisation typically achieves the best return on investment over any marketing method, but it's also one of the most misunderstood and overused methods. People and even marketers do not understanding  how it works.

Common Misconceptions

You must have heard of business owners who claim to be want or be 'top of Google'. It's where everyone wants to be, but so few understand it. So often being top of the first page of search results will provide no value to your business. Perhaps the audience searching for those results is too small? Or that search doesn't align with your brand? Others have heard about short-term tricks that may fool the search engines and are achievable now but gone tomorrow. Just being 'top of Google' will do nothing for you even if you can achieve it. This is why an effective strategy is so important to generate long-term SEO results.

A Better Way

In simple terms, SEO should be a very cost effective method to help you generate the right sort of traffic towards your business website. It involves a combination of strategic elements to ensure that you are found for the right searches for your business. The best SEO strategy aligns people who are searching to your business. However, the search must provide as much value as it does for your business. That's the real trick to it!

The Results

How long it takes to see results will very much depend on what and how you need SEO to work for your business. A general rule of thumb is between four to six months. This may sound like a long time, however, consider that the results are longer lasting than most other forms of marketing. In that context it's fairly quick. If you desperately need results right now and your business depends on it, we recommend SEO in combination with a paid lead generation source, then you have the best of both worlds.


Our SEO Process

Designed to help you drive the right traffic to your business website and brand. Our process aims to help you achieve long-term results, providing the most impact possible.


Brand SEO Strategy

This is where we take time to understand your brand and use that knowledge to guide us in the keyword research, effectively building an SEO strategy around your brand.


Keyword Research

We will deep dive into keyword, competitor research and an audit of your website, aiming to align your brand strategy and goals with your target audience.


Content Strategy

We now look at the content we can use or optimise on the website as it is, as well as what will be needed on the website and through social media to achieve your goals.


Onsite Optimisations

Concentrating our efforts on your website and information architecture, We will optimise code and content as well as creating new content creation in a strategic direction.


Link Building

Often considered a 'dark art', we aim to secure ethical backlinks to pages and content on your website in strategic way that ensure long-lasting benefits to your website and brand.


Analysis & Reports

This is a cycle of analysis, reporting and optimisation. Report back to you on progress, then continually tweak the SEO, consulting with you on what we recommend and do.