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Content Marketing

Reach new customers, build awareness and gain trust through content marketing & SEO

Broadcast your business and demonstrate your knowledge within your industry

Modern content marketing is a very powerful way to establish the power of your brand. It allows you to connect with your target audience and build trust early on in the relationship.

Sharing your knowledge over your website, social media and email is the most effective way to build enduring relationships with your target audience. Combining strong content with powerful online strategic broadcasting techniques such as search engine optimisation will help any business to establish trust and impact within their market.

We can help with any or all of the elements that make up an effective content marketing strategy. You can choose what you would like us to help you with.

Some of the services we provide to support your content marketing strategy follow:


Digital Marketing Consultancy

It all starts with strategic advice, provided through research and discussions with you on how you want to elevate your business online. Our consultancy will show the way towards achieving long term and actionable growth. We will help you to assess what it is that you want to do along with how we can help you to achieve what you really need.

There are a variety components that make up  a full content marketing strategy and you will most likely be well suited to deliver some of those elements without needing much help from us. However, there will be other areas that will need our expertise and we can advise the best way to make the most of our and your own capabilities.

Analytics and Reporting

Whilst we perform some analysis as part of the initial consultancy with you, we can also provide ongoing analysis and recommendations as part of an ongoing, monthly process. This is one of our fundamental offerings that helps businesses to achieve long-term growth.

As part of our monthly analytics and reporting package, we will setup and report on your website statistics through Google Analytics. We will keep an eye on other contributing factors such as your social media presence and your Mailchimp email statistics. We will do this in such a way that we can then easily make recommendations on content that you need to write and consult with you on the best way to achieve your goals for your business.



Our next most fundamental offering is copywriting. We can offer packages to assist your business in creating the content that it needs to best promote itself. From landing page copy through to monthly blog posts, through to the content creation for an entire website. We often handle copywriting in-house or in conjunction with a small network of expert copywriters who we have found to be highly professional and reliable.

The costs for copywriting all depend on requirements, budget, timescales and results wanted. We can find a best solution and work with most types situation.

Social Media Boosting

Most businesses should be active across at least one social media platform. Unlike any other marketing platform, the business itself should manage its own social media platforms. The reasoning behind this is simple, by its very definition social media should be interactive and communicate with the target audience is important. This should not be outsourced and is best handled by the business themselves.

However, most businesses need help with the sheer volume of content needed and the way in which that content is managed across social media. This is where our social media boosting package comes into play. Once a social media content strategy has been clearly defined, we can then help you achieve it by adding targeted content to Twitter and Facebook multiple times per month on your behalf increasing the engagement potential with your brand.


Mailchimp Newsletter Management

Still one of the most under-utilised aspects of marketing, email communications to lists of subscribers or connections that a business has made of the years keeps you front of mind. There are specific strategies to enable you to grow a list of contacts and ways in which you can add value to them, eventually converting those subscribers into paying customers.

We will help you setup, manage and deliver periodic communications to your lists of VIPs or subscribers in a way that will engage them and convert into sales over time. We standardise on using Mailchimp (the most popular mass email system) as this gives us the best opportunity to ensure we can train and support you with your email marketing.

Search Engine Optimisation

Whilst this is last on our list here, it’s certainly not the least important aspect of content marketing. It is however one  of the most misunderstood. There are reams of web companies offering search engine optimisation (or SEO for short) as a service without the basic understanding of how can be effective on the modern web. SEO is extremely reliant upon content production across email, websites and social media. Without most of the other entities above in place, SEO  carries a negligible benefit at best.

We will help you with an SEO plan or simply the practical day-to-day management of your SEO to ensure that your content marketing is amplified in the best possible way. We will ensure that your content is as visible to the search engines as possible. When combined with content production, consultancy and analysis above, SEO becomes a very powerful tool whereby your business can become increasingly competitive.


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