The Treatment Hub Website Design

The Brief

The Treatment Hub approached us to design and build a website for their soil recycling and treatment facility based in Swansea. They needed a powerful, high-impact and overall, simple website presence which promoted to location and scale of their facility.

It was critical for The Treatment Hub to establish trust in an industry saturated by businesses with dubious ethics and false promises. As with many industries, the honest businesses are often crowded out by the noisier ones with lower standards. The Treatment Hub didn’t want this to happen to them, therefore trust and transparency needed to be prominent in their online presence.

The Approach

After a detailed discovery period where we identified the goals of The Treatment Hub along with the essence of what would become their online brand, we then produced a series of schematics to collect feedback from the business. This was followed up by full designs, evolving the prototype into the final website.

The Result

The new website became almost immediately successful for The Treatment Hub, allowing them to generate and convert a high-value lead right away. This quickly ensured a high return on investment.

Besides the quick and valuable win for the business, The Treatment Hub were extremely happy with both the process undertaken and the result to achieve a powerful online presence that helped them to elevate themselves above their competitors.

Treatment Hub website on various devices