The SeedMill Video Demo Reel – 2016

The video embedded here is a compendium of projects designed, animated and produced by The SeedMill. Put together in 2016, the video demo reel provides a small insight into our video capabilities. Some of the projects shown are older (10 years or more) and some recent.

You can click on the ‘full screen’ button (bottom right of the video player) in order to enlarge the video.

There are various types of projects and deliveries shown. Some of the projects appeared on websites and some over social media. Others appeared via digital signage, on video CD-Roms, video DVDs and in presentations designed to be shown through overhead projectors.

The range of capabilities on show in the video include 2D & 3D animation, motion graphics design, interactive design and post production special effects. Most examples in the reel were preceded by providing storyboards and style frames as part of our video production process.