SmileyEyes - Video - Character Animation - Image 3This new startup business creates products that are based on fun and friendly characters and so SmileyEyes needed a brand identity that allowed the characters to shine and speak for themselves. SmileyEyes wanted to appear in a professional, yet ‘off the wall’ manner that helped to reflect the business ethos. The logo needed to sit back, allowing the characters to take centre stage, playing on the the fact that the eyes are the most important part of the brand.

A fun and friendly logo was created, representative of the SmileyEyes characters’ personalities and from this a full suite of print stationery was designed including business cards, product brochures, flyers, price sheets and letterheads.

In addition to the branding and print design, SmileyEyes needed a character animation video to front the trade show exhibitions that were being attended. This video needed to raise the SmileyEyes branding profile, as well as to help to sell the SmileyEyes products. Their flagship products are based around a character with bundles of personality. The video had to reflect this as well as promote the personalities behind the other characters in the range.

Storyboards, style frames and sketches were produced to plan the animation before the animations were created. All 3D modeling, texturing, rendering and production was handled by The SeedMill.