Richmond Nursing Website Redesign

The Brief

Richmond Nursing approached The SeedMill about establishing a stronger website presence that represented the business and its capabilities more. Previously Richmond Nursing operated a very basic website which provided about and contact information but didn’t allow them to establish a thorough online brand presence. Their previous website didn’t speak to the target audience of nurses and their was very little information on how many visitors or conversions that they were getting through the website.

Richmond wanted a content manageable website that would allow them to promote the business and service level. They needed to heavily promote their online registration process and wanted to be able to measure the number of visitors and visitor paths through the website.

The SeedMill were also tasked with ensuring that the design of their registration process to reflected the branding on the new website.

The Approach

The SeedMill conducted a series of discussions and meetings in order to discover the finer detail on the requirements that Richmond Nursing had. The SeedMill then delivered sitemaps and a series of mockups and prototypes before arriving at the final website solution. During the process Richmond Nursing were able to steer the project and even requested additional features in addition to the main project.

The SeedMill also spent a considerable amount of time extending and customising the WordPress content management system towards the business needs, integrating layout tools along with additional content types to populate other areas of the website such as training events.

The Result

Richmond Nursing were extremely happy with the results of the website. They could easily content manage text, images and a some of layout. The website was engineered towards promoting the online registration process via a series of high-contrast call-to-action messages. Richmond Nursing are now making it very clear what the target audience need to do in order to register with them.

From the launch of the website, the conversion rate increased, with the various lead generation forms driving an increase in enquiries.

Richmond Nursing now have a website that they are proud to show-off as well as having a powerful, dynamic online marketing and lead generation platform.