Pier Consulting

The Brief

Pier Consulting Website HomepagePier Consulting were in desperate need of updating both their brand and online presence. Their website in particular was out-of-date and had very little facility for the business to manage its content. Pier needed a modern, highly professional and fresh brand & online presence.

Pier Consulting also wanted a simple way for them to enter staff and contact details into a content management system and for that information to easily and automatically be populated across the website into contact forms, vacancies and enquiries. Finally, and perhaps the most important requirement from Pier was that they could easily update the vacancies, setting departments and categories which automatically carried the correct staff contact information into the vacancy application form.

The Approach

Pier Consulting approached Integra Creative who developed their brand presence. Because of the content management facilities needed and their experience in design and developing for WordPress Integra choose to work with The SeedMill in order  to develop the online presence for Pier. The SeedMill then designed and developed the website including the responsive design elements behind a WordPress content management system.

The WordPress CMS was heavily tailored behind the scenes to ensure that the administration area was extremely simple to use and productive for Pier. Extra sections were added into the CMS along with a whole host of functionality and extra fields, really extending the capabilities that WordPress has by default and allowing Pier to rapidly content manage the website. The internal help system was also extended to provide clear information for anyone in the business to be able to pick up and use the CMS.

Finally, security and speed optimisations were made to ensure that the website performs well under the strain of heavy traffic.

The Result

The resulting website was perfect for the needs of Pier Consulting, exceeding their expectations in ability to content manage the website easily and effectively. This in turn then ensured that they had an online presence bespoke to their business needs. One that they could take control with and a solution that really worked for their business and their available internal resources.