One To One Teaching

One To One Teaching - Video - 3D AnimationOne To One Teaching, a small tutoring service based in Bridgend needed a logo identity, print stationery range and banner images to reflect the main tutor’s modern and dynamic approach to personal tuition. One To One Teaching wanted to convey personality and to achieve a unique image within the industry.

After numerous rounds of sketches, a concept for a visual identity was moulded for One To One Teaching. The resulting logo and print stationery range was both clean and eye catching. Built around a strong character led concept, the logo was designed using digital 3D techniques in order for it to be animated at a later stage – some of which can be seen in the One To One Teaching video described below.

In addition to the eye-catching print stationery, a series of videos was required popularising the ethos behind One To One Teaching and the services being offered. This first teaser trailer is a branding exercise enabling One to One Teaching to gain exposure and interest behind their offering.

Ray produced a technically accomplished video animation with character animations of the brand mascots, introducing them as a taste of things to come. The videos successfully set a precedent and helped One to One Teaching to gain exposure online and to standout in the personal tuition industry.