Leka Systems

The Brief

Leka Systems Video End CreditsLeka Systems approached The SeedMill to help them with their new startup business. They needed to achieve a high impact within a fairly saturated industry and hit the ground running against businesses already well established in their market.

Leka needed video product visualisations created for them that demonstrated their unique conservatory roof renovation system. They also needed a dynamic website, brochures, image retouching and strategic consultancy on how to maximise their online presence.

The Approach

Due to the large set of solutions needed, The SeedMill ran the various projects that Leka had requested (Video, Web Design, Print Design and photo retouching) concurrently.

Prior to creating the 3D animated video, The SeedMill went through a full process with Leka Systems of research in understanding their product, storyboarding to build the script and sequences and then style frames prior to delivering the final 3D animated video (which can be seen here: Motion Design Video animation for Leka Systems). For the final video, the 3D modelling, texturing, lighting and animation was all handled in-house by The SeedMill.

The Leka Systems website was also entirely designed, developed and managed by The SeedMill and uses WordPress as a content management system in order for Leka to be able to update the content, add pages, case studies and testimonials themselves.

Two brochures were also designed for the project, one to showcase the patented Leka System and one to act as an installation instruction guide. The main brochure was illustrated with a mixture of rendered still images from the 3D animations and live photos of completed projects. The instructional brochure was all CG rendered. Again, all imagery was handled by The SeedMill.

Workshops and consultancy were also provided by The SeedMill in order to help them capitalise on their new brand and online presence.

The Result

Leka Systems managed to go live with a new website, videos and brochures to really give themselves a strong start in their industry. The SeedMill provided valuable consultancy and workshops to help Leka build an online marketing strategy that garnered immediate results and a strong return on investment.

The quality of the online marketing material was immediately remarked upon and impressed trade suppliers in the roofing industry enough to help Leka win contracts early on, proving that the investment they were making in their online presence could bear fruit immediately if managed correctly.