Hiddlestone & Son Branding & Web Design

The Brief

Hiddlestone & Son operated an existing brand and website presence that no longer matched their business expectations and communicated the wrong messages to their target customers. As a business they have invested hugely in a large and comprehensive showroom that needed to be promoted more.

The SeedMill were asked to consult and then design & create an entirely new branding identity and online presence. The brand needed to match the business aspirations and those of their customers towards high-end, highly finished and elegant Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom solutions. The web design should enhance this quality first approach, engaging visitors and informing them of the high standard Hiddlestone & Son strive to achieve. Print flyers and business cards were also needed.

Hiddlestone & Son also needed to content manage their website enabling them to react more quickly to new showroom images and products.

The Approach

After a number of consultations and project scoping meetings, The SeedMill produced a series of mockup concepts around a new branding identity and visual strategy. Using a well honed process The SeedMill then produced print design and website design mockups. The overall aim was to arrive at a final result where the business could both feedback and be excited by the results, but most importantly understand where the new direction met their business needs.

During the consultancy, The SeedMill identified some key focal points for a strategy that could drive the online presence. For example, their showroom is industry leading in the local area and therefore needed to become a focal point on the website.

The Result

Hiddlestone & Son are now excited and proud of their branding identity and website.

They now have an incredibly elegant and traditional branding identity, one that matches the business aspirations and will last for decades if needed. The business cards and flyers were also very well received, both by the business themselves and by the wider public.

The website is now fully content manageable and a compliment / enhancement of the new brand identity. It meets the business goals and has already achieved a return of investment. The website is also measurable and Hiddlestone & Son will be able to further define the business direction with statistics, supporting their long standing and intuitive approach to progressing their business. Overall, the website is now a full marketing platform designed to meet long-term business needs.