Earth Science Partnership

Earth Science Partnership are a consultancy of Engineers and Geologists based in Cardiff. They contacted¬†The SeedMill as they had a WordPress website that wasn’t performing for them and they needed to enable online purchasing of their surveys. They had heard that Ray¬†was a bit of an expert regarding WordPress.

Very soon after a few conversations and research and analysis, it was decided to build an entirely new website for ESP. They were previously using an off-the-shelf WordPress theme which was simply too generic for their business. They wanted something more bespoke and reflective of the quality of consultancy that they provide. Creating a bespoke website for them also made way to more easily incorporate a purchasing system for their MySite surveys.

ESP were a great client to work with, as they were very aware of online marketing methods, as well as more general marketing principles. The SeedMill supplemented this with consultancy during the project, helping ESP to get the best out of their new website and providing general information as to how they can keep moving forward. Better provision for social media integration was built into their website, again, to supplement their marketing methods.

Many significant wins were made for ESP during the project including:

  • Far more bespoke web design, helping reflect the high quality of their business services
  • A huge increase in site speed by enabling strong caching mechanisms and better hosting
  • Better facilities to show their services and portfolio of project / clients
  • Clearer calls-to-action were provided on the website in order to identify methods in which the customer can get in touch with them
  • More in-depth forms were created allowing ESP to gather more information from their target audience
  • Better blogging and branding facilities were developed to supplement ESP’s ongoing marketing and provision of information

The SeedMill continue to support ESP with their website on an ongoing basis, helping them to achieve the best with it.