Chatterbox Communications Website Redesign

The Brief

Chatterbox Communications asked us to redesign their website in conjunction with a full brand strategy and brand identity overhaul. The previous website had become a pain-point for business as being a PR and marketing communications agency, Chatterbox had lost confidence in the website.

Chatterbox wanted a modern approach that projected their online brand more effectively within their marketplace and positioned Chatterbox more favourably against their competition. The website also needed to work for the business in empowering them to promote their creative writing by actually… writing content on the website rather than wrestling with the content management system.

The system simply needed to get out of their way and enable Chatterbox to write.

The Approach

Through a series of brand strategy workshops, we helped Chatterbox to identify their true personality in a way that could be projected back out to their ideal customers.

Then, through a series of stylescapes (already being employed to create a new brand identity) we identified a visual language that would be used on the website and enabled the business to align between their brand personality and their target customers.

Finally, prototypes were used to help visualise a schematic approach and then finally a full design, garnering feedback at each step until Chatterbox were happy with design, layout and journey they wanted for their visitors.

The Result

Chatterbox were thrilled with their new website and finally had an online presence that was not just easy but enjoyable to create new content through. The new website empowering Chatterbox to show off their fabulous creative writing and engage prospective customers on a new level in combination with their new identity and a rang of print collateral to help them promote themselves.

Chatterbox Communications website on multiple devices - The SeedMill