BrightSide Admin Website Redesign

The Brief

BrightSide Business Support Services (Bridgend based and providing administrative services) needed a refreshed website in conjunction with a new brand identity system.

Because BrightSide were a growing company they expressed a need to be able to manage the website themselves and to have a more corporate, professional look whilst retaining the essence of their bubbly personality.

The Approach

As with all of our projects, we conducted an extended consultancy period to ensure we fully captured the new direction for the business. During this time we identified a simple approach to the website and one to which BrightSide could grow an online presence slowly over time with limited resources.

The design and build of a prototype website was undertaken after a full brand identity and design language had been created in another project between The SeedMill and BrightSide. This made it easier and more effective to continue the new brand identity through the website.

The Result

The business are very happy with their new website and have experienced an increase in phonecalls along with leads through the website itself.

In conjunction with the brand identity that we also created for BrightSide, they are now having more fulfilling conversations with better potential customers. In a way that truly reflects the personality of it’s owners BrightSide have become a force to be reckoned within their local area.

BrightSide - Website Screens 02 - The SeedMill