Apollo Teaching Website Redesign

The Brief

Apollo Teaching needed to redesign their website to better reflect their values. Previously, the website had been relatively aimless in its approach to simply represent a pretty and largely professional face to the public. Apollo needed something more…

The new website had to be redesigned to bring forward the amazing community spirit and values that underpinned the business.

Having an already strong presence close to their headquarters in Bridgend, South Wales: Apollo wanted to hold onto and strengthen that essence of their brand through their website, whilst enabling them to project those same values to a wider audience across South Wales. This was with a view to even going beyond in time to come.

One particular problem that Apollo had at the time of the project was that the primary stakeholders in the business were incredibly hard to pin down for a workshop. Therefore, we needed to devise a way to garner the information we needed without our more formal workshop setting.

The Approach

We ran a series of informal workshops in the form of simple discussions with the primary stakeholders in Apollo Teaching. The sum of those discussions covered the entirety of our normal brand workshop process. We collected all of the disparate information and honed it into an online brand strategy before then moving into our normal planning phase.

Using the result of the brand strategy we had devised, we then created a series of schematics along with a prototype of the website. This allowed us to gain as much feedback as possible before rebuilding the live website on a staging location. Finally, the new website was pushed live.

The business were already using WordPress as their publishing platform and this allowed us to bring our full expertise into the process to help restructure the website in a more scalable way and one which allowed Apollo Teaching to have more control over their content. We also wanted to enable saner publishing workflows for the business as well.

Shortly after the website was launched, the decision was taken to produce a parallel website to facilitate the Welsh language version of the website. We quickly pivoted the website into a multisite network within WordPress to help with this process. Having worked on a number of dual-language websites previously, we decided on this approach to best fit the capabilities within the business.

The Result

The website was extremely successful and one which resulted in a doubling of the lead generation through the website. The contact forms on the website also generated far better and more focused resulting conversations, therefore driving efficiencies within the business.