Merry Christmas from The SeedMill

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Today is the last day that we are in the office until 2015. So now is a good chance to reflect on all that we have achieved throughout the year.

This year we worked on some very interesting projects with our clients, both old and new alike, and next year is already stacking up to be very much the same – with a few major projects booked in to be launched early in the New Year (exciting stuff!)

Christmas MessageThis year has been productive yet hectic. At times it’s been challenging yet enjoyable. We look forward to 2015 being more of the same.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a very good start to 2015!


Please note:

We are taking a much needed break and will be unavailable from 5pm on Friday 19th December. We will be back in the office from Monday 5th January 2015 raring to go!

Lianne Dale

Online Marketer. WordPress Trainer. Project & Office Manager. Social Media Advisor. Marketing Director. Co-founder of The SeedMill. With an almost obsessive need to be neat, tidy, organised and structured, I am responsible for ensuring that all the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Having worked in a variety of roles in a wide selection of sectors, from large public organisations to local SMEs, I have a deep understanding of how different businesses operate and the struggles that they face. Passionate about learning new things, and sharing this knowledge, I thoroughly enjoy helping others succeed and empowering them to help themselves. I firmly believe that knowledge is the key to a successful future. Random fact: I love the beach but I hate swimming in the sea.