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We have become members of the IWDRO. The Internet & Website Development Regulatory Office (IWDRO) is a regulatory body that is trying to establish a professional reputation for best practice as well as ethical conduct within the Web Industry.

The Web Industry is an unregulated industry which means that anyone can setup a business within this industry as there are almost no barriers to entry. This in of itself makes the Internet a very dynamic and exciting place in which to operate for those providing products and services using the web. However, as there is no governing body that oversees this industry, there are no regulations, no checks and no code of conduct for those providing services to follow.

What does this mean for Web Industry customers?

It means that all consumers looking to purchase web-based products and services should proceed with caution. There are many excellent businesses operating on the web in a professional and ethical manner providing high quality services with great experience and expertise. However, there are also a vast number of companies within this industry (as there are in many other industries) that claim to have knowledge, experience and expertise within a number of its sectors, of which they do not. These companies also claim to deliver professional and ethical services but fail to do so on a regular basis.

As a consumer, it can be very difficult to differentiate between the two. And so, many consumers are falling into the trap of spending sums of money on inadequate products and services which are detrimental to their business. At the least these consumers are left ‘out of pocket’ but at the worst their own business has been put into jeopardy.

IWDRO AccreditationThe IWDRO are trying to help consumers with this issue by offering accreditation to members and asking that members operate within a Code of Conduct in order to promote trust and confidence for consumers when it comes to purchasing products and services from providers within the Web Industry.


You can find out more about the IWDRO by visiting the IWDRO website. There you can also view our member profile – The SeedMill on IWDRO.

What does this mean for customers of The SeedMill?

It means that we do what we say we do. Everything stated on this website is true and correct. Nothing is made up and exaggerated to make us sound good or better than we are. We have the knowledge and experience that we say we have. When you employ us to provide services to you and your business, we will deliver what we say we will. If we can’t do something, we always tell you that we can’t. And if we say we will do something, we guarantee that we will. We have a tried and tested process that works and our knowledge and experience is second to none.

Why not get in touch to find out more about how we can help you grow your business online?

Lianne Dale

Online Marketer. WordPress Trainer. Project & Office Manager. Social Media Advisor. Marketing Director. Co-founder of The SeedMill. With an almost obsessive need to be neat, tidy, organised and structured, I am responsible for ensuring that all the Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed. Having worked in a variety of roles in a wide selection of sectors, from large public organisations to local SMEs, I have a deep understanding of how different businesses operate and the struggles that they face. Passionate about learning new things, and sharing this knowledge, I thoroughly enjoy helping others succeed and empowering them to help themselves. I firmly believe that knowledge is the key to a successful future. Random fact: I love the beach but I hate swimming in the sea.