Quality Testing

We go through extensive checklists to make sure the quality assurance process is as watertight as we can make it. Our quality testing covers the following main areas:

  1. Internal design approval – we will oversee any work created by our internal team at a director level and will make sure that our quality stamp is consistent.
  2. Website prototypes – we do extensive checks on all of our prototypes to ensure that any functionality works and we achieve a strong base to work from for the final website design and build.
  3. Website go-live testing – performed prior to; and after launching a website, our go-live checklists are probably some of the most extensive in our industry, having been honed through using WordPress and other content management systems since 2007. As of last count in 2019 we had an 87-point checklist just for website go-live and by the time you read this, that checklist is probably even more.

In spite of the above testing procedures, we cannot guarantee that our work is entirely error free and you will need to test yourselves. However, you can rest assured that we go as far as we possibly can in ensuring a consistently high standard of delivery every time.

We do not publish our go-live checklists (particularly those involving WordPress) as they are our intellectual property and honed from many years in the trenches using these systems.