Certified Digital Business Consultant

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Ray has just completed the WP Elevation Certified Digital Business Consultant course. WP Elevation is a large global online community of WordPress Consultants. This community is made up of like-minded individuals that strive to do their best by their customers and so share best practices and real-world methods of delivering efficient and effective WordPress web solutions. You can read more about WP Elevation here.

The WP Elevation Certified Digital Business Consultant course is an in-depth online course that covers an advanced knowledge and understanding of delivering WordPress projects. Areas covered within this course include the areas of communication, project management and workflow, as well as business methodologies and working practices. The course itself consists of a variety of modules and end of module tests, as well as a final certification exam. Ray passed this with flying colours which means that he is now a certified Digital Business Consultant.

So, what is a Digital Business Consultant?

Well, a Digital Business Consultant is a business professional who has the knowledge and understanding to help businesses understand the online world. Being ‘on the Internet’ for most businesses is now common-place, however, many businesses are struggling to get themselves seen in a crowded market-place. The difference between just having a website to having a successful website and online presence is huge, and most small businesses, unfortunately, have the former.

A Digital Business Consultant has the skills, knowledge and understanding to advise, coach, mentor and work with you to improve your website’s standing and online presence and therefore compete effectively in your industry. This in turn will ensure that your website is attracting the right type of traffic and is generating the right leads that can increase your business turnover.

So what does this mean for our clients?

As Ray has successfully completed the WP Elevation course and is now a certified Digital Business Consultant, this means that he has deepened his understanding of the best ways of working with clients on their web projects (most specifically using WordPress). This, together with his 20 years of experience of designing for the web means that he has a knowledge and understanding that is difficult to rival. In addition to the Customer Acquisition knowledge we have in-house, we are able to provide specialist consultancy advice on how to build a successful strategy in order to grow your small business website into a thriving and successful online venture.

WP Elevation Digital Business Consultant Badge

Do you need help with your WordPress website or do you want to find out more about how we can help get you ahead of your competition? Yes? Then contact us now and we can look at ways that we can help your business grow online.


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