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WordPress Blog Post

What makes a good news or blog post?

Asking the question “What makes a good news or blog post?” is just like asking […]

Creating a Blog post with WordPress

What content should I include on my blog?

A business blog, instead of a news section, is a place where as a business […]

I don't have time to blog!

I don’t have time to blog!

“I don’t have time to blog!” Oh, the number of times I have heard that […]

Say Yes! - Reasons to blog for business

Reasons why I should blog for business

In my last post Reasons why I shouldn’t blog I outlined some of the excuses […]

Reasons why I shouldn't blog

Reasons why I shouldn’t blog

“Blogging? For business? Oh no, that’s not for me! It doesn’t find me any more […]

Questions about Business Blogging

What is a Business Blog?

In the first of my posts on Business Blogging Basics, my aim is to answer […]

Business Blog

The Basics of Blogging for Business

Many of us have now heard of blogging. Those of us that are trying to […]

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