How It Started

Richmond Nursing had an ageing website and were performing very little inbound or outbound digital marketing. Realising that in order to grow this needed to change, Richmond Nursing approached us to help them redesign their website and implement a digital marketing strategy that would sustain their growth long into the future.

We held a series of meetings with Richmond Nursing to establish the full scope of what they were trying to achieve and to understand their brand and culture. We knew that this brand culture would be critical in helping them to grow their online brand moving forwards in the right way for them.

We established key metrics that Richmond Nursing wanted to achieve (keyword positions for brand awareness and leads, along with outreach to their current nursing staff).

Richmond Nursing also discussed with us their want to implement a twelve month strategy and production schedule which they could continue themselves internally once they were able to bring staff in to help them market their business themselves.

How We Worked Together

We helped to establish a wide-sweeping content marketing, production and SEO strategy that included:

  • Content strategy to help establish the kind of website and digital branding needed to help Richmond Nursing achieve their goals.
  • Creation of a new website capable of delivering the Richmond Nursing brand values and acting as a framework to the content marketing and production strategy we were evolving.
  • Content marketing and production that would propel their online presence forward. The content was created by the copywriters we worked with for a highly professional approach that would further enhance trust in the Richmond Nursing brand.
  • An email newsletter service to inform their existing customer base (their staff of Nurses), reinforcing the Richmond Nursing brand and providing valuable information that would help their customers in their daily work and lives.
  • A print version of the newsletter service to present a point of difference in their marketplace, again, providing value and reinforcing the brand to their customers.

Digital Brand Strategy

Throughout our structured series of discussions, a clear digital brand strategy emerged that would establish Richmond Nursing as a strong knowledge provider within their industry and therefore an authority in Wales. The business was happy with the recommendations and a working procedure was established to move forward.

Website Design & Development

Keeping the digital brand strategy in mind we designed and built the Richmond Nursing website. The website had to enable the business to add and update content themselves as well as allowing us to make technical SEO amendments to the website to ensure that the content was as visible as possible to the search engines. We realised very early on in scoping the website that the News section would need to be a key feature that drove traffic towards the website.

The website was very well received by the Richmond Nursing customers at the time and it continues to drive targeted traffic towards their brand and regularly generates new leads for the business.

Content Marketing & SEO

Having designed and created the website and a structure that would support our ongoing marketing efforts, we could then engage a content marketing and SEO strategy.

Working closely with members of the business we engaged with a professional copywriter to ensure that the content we created was of extremely high quality and that it helped to reinforce the strong brand identity already created with the website.

A content schedule was established and we researched the best possible articles to create each month, always keeping their brand strategy in mind and working a few months in advance. We also made sure that we had the capacity to create content around topical, current events as they transpired. Worked closely with Richmond Nursing we always made sure that they were happy with the content we produced and could help to steer the content production at any stage.

Once the news and blog articles were produced on a given month, we then used the most relevant research from those articles as the basis for both a digital email newsletter and a print newsletter, designed to go out to all of the Richmond Nursing customers (classed as their ‘Staff’).

What We Helped Richmond Nursing To Achieve

Whilst we were only scheduled to work with Richmond Nursing for twelve months, we actually delivered a two-year month service to them, giving them the time they needed to eventually take over production of the content marketing strategy themselves.

From being a very poor performer with their overall digital brand, we helped Richmond Nursing to soar to be consistently top of the Google rankings (1st position) for their main two keywords that they wished to target. We also helped their traffic to grow and sustain that growth beyond our initial commitment with them for content marketing. Finally, Richmond Nursing managed to enjoy far better customer relations, due to their consistent delivery of valuable information through the print and eNewsletters.

Overall, the Richmond Nursing online brand became very well established throughout Wales (not just in the target area of South Wales) and the business has become an authority within their marketplace.

We hope that the strategy we helped Richmond Nursing to put in place is continued by them with great success into the future.