How It Started

Apollo Teaching Services needed assistance to help them make their website presence and recruitment platform easy to use and more reflective of their business and values.

Internally, Apollo Teaching Services didn’t have the confidence nor want within their organisation to broadcast their website or recruitment platforms. Externally, they were not receiving as many leads through the website as they should. Those same issues of usability and confusion about their brand manifested in how they projected themselves online in virtually every capacity. All of their platforms had been largely developer driven previously and whilst they were functional, they lacked any kind of focused, positive experience for the end user. 

Ultimately, and as Apollo Teaching Services had recognised themselves, their digital footprint had become confused and lacked value to their audience and customers in many areas.

How We Worked Together

From the first discussions with them, we could see that Apollo Teaching Services were a forward thinking and crucially, innovative company. 

We recognised that in order to help Apollo Teaching Services to articulate themselves more effectively through their online presence we would need to:

  • Fully understand their brand values, target audience and goals deeply.
  • Help them to articulate their goals and needs collectively as well as for each of the projects we were involved in.
  • Help Apollo Teaching Services to fully articulate their point of difference along with their value proposition to their marketplace.
  • Assist them by making their digital presence consistent and approachable for their target market.

We started working with Apollo to help better articulate their brand through their online platforms, however, very quickly our responsibilities then broadened to encompass digital strategy, digital design, UX design (user experience design), web development and implementation across all of their online and recruitment platforms.

In order to understand the Apollo Teaching Services brand and values fully we initially engaged with them through an extended discovery process and informal strategy workshops. This took the form of a series of guided and strategic conversations with key stakeholders within Apollo Teaching Services. There were difficulties in achieving this because the directors were incredibly busy, thus the need for a more staggered and informal approach. Because of the fundamental nature of those strategic interviews and workshops we became confident in our understanding of the Apollo Teaching Services brand along with their objectives for their customers.

It didn’t take us long to realise that Apollo Teaching Services had a really fantastic brand, driven through a deep-seated belief structure and genuine passion for safeguarding pupils. This was something that they clearly cared about. It was something that had become a thread throughout their entire organisation making it clear to us that we needed to help them communicate this effectively whether that should be subtly or directly. 

We devised a core digital strategy that then ensured we were able to step across and help Apollo Teaching Services with a myriad of other projects that they needed assistance with. Wherever they needed our input we were able to support them, always underpinning our process with that core digital strategy.

From the basis of this research and resulting strategy, we were able to assist Apollo Teaching Services with almost a full range of our strategy, design and marketing services.

What we helped Apollo to achieve

If we fast-forward a year and a bit, our work with Apollo Teaching Services resulted in a website that generated a consistent flow of leads into the business. In fact conversions through the website doubled a little while after the new website was launched. The Apollo Teaching Services website became one of the primary sources of recruitment leads for the business and a very cost-effective method for Apollo Teaching Services to increase their staff.

Apollo Teaching also won widespread recognition and innovation awards for their newly designed recruitment platform. We were very happy to have provided the digital strategy and UX design behind their recruitment platform along with video animations promoting the benefits of the platform to the public. It was the videos demonstrating the benefits of the system along with the UX designs that communicated the most value to the public, enabling Apollo to win their innovation awards.

In summary we helped Apollo Teaching Services to achieve better brand recognition, increase leads and capture much more engagement along with recognition across their entire digital presence.