What content should I include on my blog?

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A business blog, instead of a news section, is a place where as a business owner you can have your say about all and everything to do with your business and industry. It allows you a place to get things off your chest. With this in mind, there are many topics that a business owner can discuss and publish on a business blog. Let’s have a look at a few blog content ideas below.

1. Question & Answer Sessions

All your customers will have questions. All these questions will be different. And you have the answers to all of these questions. Why not make a list of all questions that you are frequently asked and turn them into a series of blog posts that you can publish on your website? That way your customers have a reference guide that is available to them every hour of every day.

2. Product Demonstrations

If you sell products, demonstrating to potential customers how to use these products becomes part of what you do on a daily basis. Take for example a business that sells printers, I have seen a very successful series of customer reference videos showing how to install printer inks, how to troubleshoot when a paper-jam occurs and how to clean and maintain your printer for long-term efficiency.

3. Case Studies

Explaining or highlighting how you have helped previous customers shows the added value that your customers will benefit from if they decide to take up your services. Perhaps you are an interior decorator who specialises in residential buildings, perhaps you are a landscape gardener or maybe even a kitchen fitter. Why not showcase your work and the projects you have worked on with a series of images and / or videos showing before and after?

4. Interviews

Following on from the point above about Case Studies, instead of writing a case study outlining the benefits the customer gained, perhaps you can interview your customer about how they have benefitted from using your products and / or services. Or perhaps you can interview someone within your business network that can provide valuable advice to your customers – for example if you are an interior decorator, perhaps a plumber you work with could provide advice on where to start when renovating a bathroom.

Think of your business blog as another way to communicate with your customers. Your blog doesn’t replace the way in which you currently communicate with your target audience. Instead it enhances it. By promoting your knowledge and experience via your business blog, you actually increase your approachability and trustworthiness. Once your customers are aware of the way in which you use the blog on your website, they will start to refer to your business blog for advice, tips and techniques that apply to your products, services and industry.

So, instead of having a face-to-face conversation with your client, you can have a virtual one, where you are preemptively answering their queries and questions. As highlighted above, you could provide a series of FAQs, a set of How To Videos on product demonstrations. Other blog content ideas include a presentation you delivered at a business event… The list is endless. And don’t feel that the content has to be all copy. It doesn’t. You can include videos, podcasts, images. So, what are you waiting for? Start creating content![hr]

If you need help with establishing a Content Marketing Plan, we can help. Use our contact form and let us know your problems. We’ll help you to improve the way in which you communicate with your customers.

Lianne Dale

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