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3 critical mistakes WordPress web designers make

This is an important topic that negatively effects a lot of businesses who have websites […]

Benefits of Online Marketing - Putting the Pieces Together

Benefits of Online Marketing for Small Businesses

The Importance of Online Marketing for Small Businesses Online Marketing is an important part of […]

I don't have time to blog!

I don’t have time to blog!

“I don’t have time to blog!” Oh, the number of times I have heard that […]

Key Components of Online Marketing

Key Components of Online Marketing

Okay, so we know from my previous blog post that online marketing is simply marketing […]

What is Online Marketing?

What is Online Marketing?

I have found that people are often confused over what is meant by the term […]

Say Yes! - Reasons to blog for business

Reasons why I should blog for business

In my last post Reasons why I shouldn’t blog I outlined some of the excuses […]

Reasons why I shouldn't blog

Reasons why I shouldn’t blog

“Blogging? For business? Oh no, that’s not for me! It doesn’t find me any more […]

Good, Fast and Cheap sign

Good, Fast and Cheap – How Online Business Works

What is Good, Fast and Cheap? Have you ever heard the saying about ‘Good, Fast […]

Questions about Business Blogging

What is a Business Blog?

In the first of my posts on Business Blogging Basics, my aim is to answer […]

Business Blog

The Basics of Blogging for Business

Many of us have now heard of blogging. Those of us that are trying to […]

Costs associated with web projects

How much does a website cost for a business?

How much will a website cost? I have lost count of the amount of times […]

SEO & Google

What is SEO – really?

‘SEO’ is an overused acronym for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. It is a method by which […]

Values and Beliefs at The SeedMill

Values and beliefs at The SeedMill

We provide online solutions not websites. If you ask us for a website, we will […]

The SeedMill is different

Why The SeedMill is different

The SeedMill is different because we establish long-lasting relationships with our clients. We don’t want […]

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